The Duke and Duchess Florist

March 2006 Jackie launched CROWN FLOWER MARKETING in Woodstock, Cape Town. It was such a relief to at last have a new dedicated supplier in fresh flowers in the City.


My promise then was to support CROWN FLOWER MARKETING and now 7 years later we still going strong. This was a promise not difficult to maintain, for the PERSONAL ATTENTION, DEDICTION, SERVICE, QUALITY and COST, made all this time a pleasure to do business with CROWN FLOWER MARKETING.


The successes in the quality of OUR work, we as THE DUKE AND DUCHESS florist experienced in the past years are all thanks to CROWN FLOWER MARKETING.


JACKIE and your TEAM, thank you for making our creative art with flowers a pleasure and we look forward to a long and happy future as friends together in business.


We wish you well for the next years ahead.


Kindest regards and love.


Gerrit van Niekerk-Reis

The Duke and Duchess florist and TEAM